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 COVID-19 UPDATE. from Lotus Acupuncture Louisville, the practice of Chloe Taylor L.Ac.
Hi there. Our office is currently closed due to the threat of COVID 19. We are doing our part to slow the spread and sending our prayers to everyone, the world over. If you are asymptomatic and are interested in herbal medicine that can help support your healthy protective Qi, please contact Jeffrey Russell at 502-299-8900.   abacuschinesemedicine.com   Jeffrey is also available for phone consults, if needed,  and formulas can be mailed to you.  Please understand that the best way to protect yourself and the larger community is to practice social distancing and to stay home as much as possible. If you develop symptoms, the current recommendation (3/15/20)  is to stay home and self isolate . If you live alone, please make sure you have contacted a friend or relative who can help if your situation becomes serious and you need to be taken to the hospital or have the paramedics called. We are in a unique situation at this time and updates will be added here as the situation evolves. Please Take this seriously. We are all in this together. 

Chloe specializes in the effective care of a wide range of health conditions including , but not limited to: Pain othe low back, shoulder, hips, knees, neck, hands, and feet; Digestive disorders, allergies, immune system issues, low energy, fibromyalgia, headaches, depression, menstrual conditions and menopause symptoms , depression, insomnia and anxiety. She also offers adjunct treatment to support optimal health where there is a serious disease or dysfunction including conditions of the heart, Lungs, kidneys, liver, hepatitis , cancer . etc.  General wellbeing and a deep & positive life change are also reasons for seeking treatment. These often happen naturally in a course of treatment for other conditions. Sessions are conducted within a peaceful and safe environment and the practitioner/ patient relationship is held as a sacred trust, with the patient's best interest always at heart. Referrals to other practitioners, and to western medical practitioners is given when appropriate. 


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