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Lotus Acupuncture​ is the Chinese medicine practice of Chloe Taylor, L.Ac. I am currently seeing new and existing patients at the Medical Arts Building

 1169 Eastern Parkway, Suite 3411. Louisville, KY. 40217

For appointments or more information please call, text , or email me directly.


Chloe specializes in the effective care of a wide range of health conditions including , but not limited to: Pain of the low back, shoulder, hips, knees, neck, hands, and feet; Digestive disorders, allergies, immune system issues, low energy, fibromyalgia, headaches, depression, menstrual conditions and menopause symptoms , insomnia and anxiety. She also offers adjunctive treatment to support optimal health where there is a serious disease or dysfunction including conditions of the heart, Lungs, kidneys, liver, hepatitis , cancer, auto immune disease . etc. General wellbeing and a deep & positive life change are also reasons for seeking treatment. These often happen naturally in a course of treatment for other conditions. Sessions are conducted within a peaceful and safe environment and the practitioner/ patient relationship is held as a sacred trust, with the patient's best interest always at heart. Referrals to other practitioners, and to western medical practitioners is given when appropriate. 

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